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Alfred Brendel – Man and mask

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Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Part VI:

Part VII:

Part VIII:


“Imagine…being a Concert Pianist”

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Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Part VI:

Part VII:

Part VIII:

Part IX:

2008 MTAC State Solo/Concerto Competition

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Congratulations to Chris Zhang winning the 2nd Alternate from the Southern Solo Division!

2008 SYMF Winners!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:36 pm by Administrator

Steffi Wong – First Place Winner (Baroque)

Deborah Yip – First Place Winner (Baroque)

Jeremy Wang – Second Place Winner (Baroque)

Chris Zhang – Second Place Winner (Open)

Steffi Wong – Third Place Winner (Chopin Etude)

Jasmine Chen – Fourth Place Winner (Baroque)


2008-2009 YMF Scholarship

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Congratulations to Chris Zhang for being selected to receive the 2008-2009 YMF Scholarship! 

Fang-Fang Shi Piano Recital at Richard Nixon Library

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  • Ravel Mirrors
  • Liszt Transcental Etude
  • Liebermann Gargoyles Op 29

Date and Time:  June 15, 2008   2:00pm

Video Clip:

Fang-Fang Shi Performs at Cerritos Performing Art Center

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Family Art Festival РJune 1, 2008

Video 1: 

Video 2:

Piano Recital by Fang-Fang Shi and fellow pianists

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Cerritos College Performance 4-20-2008 002.jpgFang-Fang Shi, Dr. Christine Lopez, Lillian Wang, Tom Groth


  • Chopin Scherzo in C-sharp Minor
  • Ravel Mirrors
  • Liszt Transcentental Etude
  • Liebermann’s Gargoyles Op. 29
  • J.S. Bach Concerto for four Keyboards

Time and Date:   April 20, 2008    3:00pm

Location:  Cerritos College BC-51  (11110 Alondra Bl. Norwalk, CA)

Cerritos College Performance 4-20-2008 007.jpgDSC_0071.JPGCerritos College Performance 4-20-2008 013.jpgCerritos College Performance 4-20-2008 022.jpg


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Andre Watts at USC

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Andre Watts burst upon the music world at the age of sixteen when Leonard Bernstein chose him to make his debut with the New York Philharmonic, broadcast nationwide on CBS-TV.¬† More than 45 years later, Andre Watts remains one of today’s most celebrated and beloved music superstars.¬† On Jan. 23, 2008,¬†Mr. Watts gave a piano masterclass at USC Thronton School of Music.¬† The following evening, Mr. Watts joined conductor Carls St. Clair and USC Thronton Symphny in a performance of Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto at USC Bovard Auditorium.¬† The event was broadcast live on KUSC. 91.5.¬†

Picture 005.jpg

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